About The Institute

Trash Collection

We pick up trash. We remove it from the water, not the land, using nets to scoop it out and toss it into trash bags. Five days a week when school is in session and four days a week at other times, we clean the shoreline of Lake Merritt. About 1,000 to 5,000 pounds are removed every month.

Clean Up Days

Volunteer clean ups are sponsored every Tuesday at 10:30 am & every Saturday at 10 am. On Thursdays, the sixth grade from St. Paul’s Episcopal School cleans up and on Mondays and Fridays we sponsor trash removal by the Unity Council.

U-Clean-It Stations

To aid in removing trash from the water, we have established four “U-Clean-It” stations around Lake Merritt. Each box contains nets, two trash barrels, trash bags, gloves, instructions and sign in sheet. They are located near:


  • The Grand Avenue & Harrison St. intersection.
  • Between the Lake Chalet restaurant and the Cameron Stanford House along Lakeside Drive.
  • At the E. 18th St. and Lakeshore Drive dock.
  • By the columns structure, at the end of the Lake between Grand Avenue and Lakeshore Drive