Detailed Evaluations

A Year In The Life Of Lake Merritt

Water Level and Tidal Flows
This document discusses the historical and present level of tidal control, and the implications for the Lake. Recommendations for improvement are presented.

Oxygen Paper
Information on Oxygen Paper and how it affects Lake Merritt. In May of 1999 the US Environmental Protection Agency listed Lake Merritt as a body of water whose beneficial uses were impaired by low levels of dissolved oxygen. This white paper provides information on: Why oxygen is important to the Lake; Why the Lake was listed; and What can be done to improve the situation.

Dredging Dates for Lake Merritt

Following are dates that Lake Merritt is known to have been dredged. Without his expensive but necessary procedure the Lake would become a shallow mudflat with increased quantities of widgeon grass, algae, and odors.

Permit application procedures for dredging are complicated and typically take one or more years to process. After the permits have been issued, actual operations typically take several months or more to complete. The last dredging operation was completed at a cost of over 1.5 million dollars.

Past Dredging Dates

Date next dredging potentially scheduled: 2009

Documents LMI has regarding Lake Merritt from the Institute Library