The League of Women Voters of Oakland presented a Civic Contribution Award to the Lake Merritt Institute on April 21st. The “Clean Oakland” award and certificate of special congressional recognition from Barbara Lee was accepted by Dr. Bailey on behalf of the staff and volunteers that clean Lake Merritt.

In 2004, The Institute received awards from the League of Women Voters of Oakland and Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

In 2004, Board member Susan Porter (center, below) received an Environmental Award from the U.S. Environmental protection Agency.

Good Cents for Oakland Award
The Student Council of Montclair Elementary School voted to make the Lake Merritt Institute the recipient of their fund raising campaign in conjunction with the “Good Cents for Oakland” organization. $1,454.60 were donated to the Institute.

U.S. EPA presents award to Susan Porter for work at Lake Merritt The US Environmental Protection Agency awarded Susan Porter of St. Pau’s School for cleaning Lake Merritt, teaching about the watershed and studying urban runoff. The award included a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” from Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

City Council Commendation
Council member Nancy J. Nadel presented an award to the Institute and our volunteers for their committed work at Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt and their continued dedication to this city as a whole.

Our work has been featured on:

  • KQED – Quest (August, 2010)
  • The NBC, Channel 11 morning news (May, 2005)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (August 17, 2003)
  • The East Bay Business Times (May 20, 2005)
  • Estuary Newsletter (April, 2005) and
  • Oakland Magazine (January, 2005).