Lake People

Volunteers: Our Clean Lake Partners

The Tuesday Crew

This is a partial list of our most dedicated volunteers.
Space limitations prohibit us from including more of you, but rest assured that your work is very valuable.

John Mayer
John has been cleaning the Lake since before the Institute began to clean it.

His favorite spot is the 12th St. beach area which he considers a personal challenge, and he usually gets more trash than anyone else.

Tom Job
Tom jogs the Lake on most mornings and reports back to us where the trash can be found.

Tom is one bad dude when it comes to collecting trash.


Della Mundy
Della not only briskly walks around the Lake, she cleans up trash too.

And, she keeps us stocked with healthy treats from Whole Foods.


Beverly Trujillo
Beverly is our “detail person” who patiently scours the shoreline for cigarette butts and other bad trash.

Like some of our other volunteers, she has her own litter pik.


Lloyd Lavagetto
Lloyd loves to extend the net to reach trash far offshore.

You can see him out there most any Tuesday with a tennis ball on the end of the net to ward off pedestrians who might break his concentration.